Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Current State of This Blog and Updates (for the five of you who care)

Hey ya'll. How ya doin?

Yeah that was awkward but I can't think of a better intro. Don't worry, we're not going anywhere for the long term (for the five of you who bother to read us) but as you've noticed there hasn't been any activity in nearly a month. That's for a few reasons which I'll get into below along with what we will be doing (or are doing) soon:

- For starters, this blog (well, me) bids a fond and hopefully temporary farewell to Mike, who is the best thing that's ever happened to my blogging life (yes I have a blogging life beyond this blogging life...which doesn't leave a lot of room for an actual life). See, Mike just graduated high school and is now off to college. Having a dual education and aerospace degree (either one of those is pretty tough on their own needless to say, especially the aerospace one) I know first-hand adjusting to the college life is pretty busy, and so for that reason I won't even start bothering Mike to come back until, say, mid-October. So that's about how long his vacation from here's going to be, and it'll be a well-deserved vacation (hopefully he'll make good use of it!)

 - As for me, I've been largely just enjoying the summer vacation time myself, as well as making plans and adjustments for when that summer vacation time is inevitably over (104 days of summer and all) including a major career shift that, hopefully and if anything, will mean additional time and skills sets that can be put into vastly improving this blog especially with Mike's (again hopefully temporary) absence. In the meantime, expect only minor updates and mini-reviews until no later than after Labor Day (the way things are looking actually, potentially a whole week afterwards).

 - You probably haven't noticed this yet if you've only been paying attention to the front page but I went ahead and and made updates to most of our previous reviews (this entire process took five hours). Since we cover a lot more than, say, - other shows on Disney Channel, other shows on Nickelodeon, DCOMs/NOMs, even the occasional non-kid fare - I've decided it'd help our single-digit readership if they had a better idea of what the heck they're reading in the first place. So to that end, nearly all of our reviews now start off with a description of just what the heck it is, who the heck stars in it, what the heck network airs it, what the heck genre it is and above all why the heck we're reviewing it in the first place (if it's pretty obvious that what's being reviewed has something to do with children's entertainment, and since that's the mission statement of this blog, such explanations are going to be pretty terse so that's one way to tell). You'll note a pretty glaring exception to this - Girl Meets World. That's because we've done so many of those damn reviews (nearly as much as GMWReviewed itself since we've started) it just got tedious and again, we've done so many of them and most of the readership is already familiar with it (it is called Girl Meets World after all) it didn't seem worth the effort to spend potentially another three or so hours on top of what I've already done. If you can't figure out what Girl Meets World is and why we're reviewing it by now, then the only thing I have to say is I hope you're at least smart enough to figure out what a ballot is come November.

- Our one-year anniversary is coming up very soon (and, incidentally, this post marks +1 more in what we've done in 2016 so far than what we've done in all of 2015 as well as our 997th post overall - yes I originally said 99th because I'm terrible at math, hence why I'm an English teacher and not an aerospace engineer now). Especially with Mike's absence I don't know if we'll do anything other than a "hey we're one year old now" post (which given our track record will probably be late anyway). Maybe we'll combine our 100th and 1-year anniversary post? (If so, it will be our 100th post by technicality since there are a few "hidden" posts we've yet to publish, reviews of GMW and other shows we're still polishing).

That's pretty much it - no point in going into detail about the minor updates and mini-reviews when doing so will require almost as much effort as simply writing them. So hang tight there, more's on the way soon.

Wow. It's really, really funny you mention this because I was just about to make a post myself about the state of this blog. I'm going to check out some of your other blog posts here to see those changes firsthand, but I do have some thoughts on Girl Meets World that I want to share in my next blog post. 

But, yeah, I'm going to post sporadically from this point forward, at least until I'm ready to commit fully again and I actually have more material to review. I'm definitely not leaving for good, but maybe I'll write up some reviews in the interim and post them later. Hopefully, I see you sooner rather than later and we can get this blog back in the swing of things, partner. :)

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