Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Quick Personal Note and Update

So, uh, a few, um, "interesting" news developments have happened a bit of a while ago. A few shows here and there have come that would be in our interest to review, and we've promised to review some others in the past that are still in the que. Yet this blog's been pretty silent in the past couple of weeks. There's a pretty good reason for that: I've been massively, massively sick during that time. Like, it's seriously time to call the doctor-sick (and yes, I did that too). So that's why this blog's been a bit silent during that time. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed Mike's take on A Henry Danger Christmas (or however that episode is called). I wanted to give Mike the spotlight on his own, he deserves it, so I don't see much point in adding my own commentary other than he's spot-on and it is a horrid episode.

Up next: a few of those reviews we promised, and an essay on the whole Debby Ryan situation (you should know exactly what I'm talking about right now).

I once dated a (also fake redhead) girl who used to drink Malibu Rum from a Hello Kitty mug. But more on that story next time.

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