Thursday, May 5, 2016

Some Notes from Mike

Hey everyone, it's Mike here. Just some small thoughts:

-Escobar season returns next month when Girl Meets World kicks off season three with a two-part premiere episode. Our heroes are finally in high school, Cory's going to be the new Mr. Feeny, and some crazy things are going to happen. Who knows what will happen? I don't know. All I know is it's gut check time for GMW. This is the make or break season of the show. Season two was a definite improvement over one in certain areas, but the problems it dealt with became more pronounced as it went on and prevented it from solidifying its spot as the best kids show on TV. Boy Meets World really found its footing once it got to high school (seasons 2-5 cannot be messed with), so we just have to see what GMW does with everything at stake. Maybe we could get episodes like "Shallow Boy" and "Security Guy" this season. Or maybe that bar is just too high.

-Speaking of Boy Meets World, I have been going through Sean's old review blog. It is a really well-done project. I appreciate impartial fans of a series who love the characters and stories, but do not let their love get in the way of being a critic. It's one of the reasons why I loved Me Blog Write Good, and it's one of the reasons why I love Boy Meets World Reviewed. I want to review a classic Boy Meets World episode (or some episodes) soon. Whatever it is, I will figure that out but "Brotherly Shove" is at the top of the list. Maybe Unknown could join in?

-In addition to tackling BMW, I'm opening myself up to requests. There are a lot of shows I have never reviewed that I want to get a piece of (Bella and the Bulldogs, School of Rock, 100 Things, Liv and Maddie, Best Friends Whenever, K.C. Undercover) and some on this list that I have never even seen before. Whatever episodes from these shows or others that I didn't name that you think I should review, send them this way.

Well, that's it. See you guys soon and remember, make sure people put some respeck on your names. I ain't gonna say it no mo. Alright, I'm out for now. 

 - 'k guess that means I'm in, whoo! I'm going to have to disagree with Mike here about GMW having a chance towards solidifying it's position as the best children's show on television right now, when Liv and Maddie is almost effortlessly better (and I don't care what you peeps say!) In fact I'm not even sure if I can bring myself to bear to watch any of the Friday lineup. Stuck in the Middle isn't a bad show per se, but compared to Horizon's other production, Kirby Buckets, something just seems lacking. It does kind of feel that it's "stuck" in something, indeed, and just kind of spinning its wheels. Granted, Kirby Buckets was like that in its first season too (remember the First Season Rule I mentioned in a post...I don't know, forever ago?) Maybe I'll tune into SitM in its second season. I might even give Bunk'd the benefit of the doubt and tune in on its second season too, but as it stands right now it completely stinks. In fact it's easily far and away the worst show on Disney Channel right now, if not the worst show on Disney Channel since So Random!! or even Cory in the House (at the very least the worst show since ANT Farm's disastrous Season 3). I've joked in the past that people would tune in even if it was just Peyton List's pretty face staring at a camera for 24 minutes, but let's face it, that would be an improvement

The episode previous to the last was pretty bad not only in typical Bunk'd form but in just giving out really bad relationship advice. I don't think we're ever going to review a Bunk'd episode ever again on this blog so consider this the next best thing: yes, it's important to be you but a little bit of change for a relationship isn't bad, especially when it gets you out of your comfort zone. The message of that episode of Bunk'd was pretty much "fuck it, the comfort zone is the most important thing you've got and you might as well stay in it forever even at the cost of romantic interests" which come to think of it might be the mantra of the Bunk'd writing crew, which explains a lot.

 - Sean's project is well-done, no doubt about that. You really should go back and look at it, regular readers (I'll put up a link, and there's already a link in a post I did for it back in October). Is Sean really unbiased? Well as someone who's studied literature (yes I study everything and have nothing to show for it) I have to give that a firm no. It was his best strength, in fact, as you can see a lot of the passion he had for the show and why Boy Meets World is such a big thing for him and other people. And you can see it in his frustration with GMW (and other shows on Disney Channel too) when they come off as lacking or spinning their wheels or just refusing to do more, or missing the mark on what "more" is, or what have you.

 - BTW Boy Meets World is being replayed on...of all places, TeeNick. Yes, "the competition." No doubt it's a shot at Disney's GMW, but hey, if you've got TeeNick we've got a Boy Meets World review!

- I've got a whole list of episodes I've been meaning to review, Mike! I'll go ahead and PM you the list, as the list currently constitutes of "random comments at the end of blog posts" so the organization really isn't, um, existent.

Speaking of which I've got a special project on Thursday (unless Mike can find the DVD at the library - which admittedly shouldn't be hard to do) might end up being a solo project, there's some stuff on School of Rock I want both of us to cover and in the meantime, well...I'll get cracking on something that's been delayed for a while right now.

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  1. I think both Seasons of Kirby Buckets were about equal, in that they were both hit or miss. Season 1 had my favorite episode (Kirby's Choice) while Season 2 has the worst episode, weekend with winga, which i reviewed. STIM is fine so far, really the format is the best part of it.

    I told you about my feelings on that Bunk'd ep, it's debatable. I see where they were going (if you are being pretty much tortured in the way Ravi kind of was, no reason to stick around) but they didn't plan it out well enough.


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