Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Happy Birthday Isabella Moner!

It turns out her birthday was actually this past weekend so, uhh...pretend I'm posting this then.

Anyway, 100 Things To Do Before High School is one of the best shows on Nickelodeon in recent memory, so consider these birthday wishes very-well deserved. Unfortunately Nickelodeon itself apparently disagrees as it's very clear this wonderful return of Ned's Declassified's charm will not be returning for Season 2 :(

Sorry for the bad news on your birthday no less, Isabella (well, it's not your birthday anymore so...congratulations? Yeah I'll shut up).

It's a shame Nickelodeon decided not to renew this, but it's okay because who needs shows with potential when Henry Danger, Game Shakers, The Other Kingdom and some other BS can hold down the fort?

I think Moner is a really good actress. She has this everyman quality that I think is missing from a lot of kids live-action shows today. The kind of quality that everyone can relate to and gravitate towards, the kind that Clarissa and Alex Mack and those types of Nick ladies used to have. Hopefully, she gets another shot on the network. And happy belated birthday!

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  1. Late on this, but her birthday is in July. I've noticed some people believe it's in June, though.

    "Who needs shows with potential when ... BS can hold down the fort?"

    My thoughts exactly. I really wanted a second season. They could have aired the premiere episode of the season right before Isabela's "Legend of the Hidden Temple" movie in November. But alas, Nickelodeon just decided to can it. :(


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