Tuesday, November 1, 2016

So let's come up with a bunch of episodes for Mike to watch (an evolving document/post)

Ok so Mike wants a list of episodes to watch for review of different Disney Channel and Nickelodeon shows. Not only that but he wants at least one episode for every such show. So let's go ahead and come up with that list!

Because I frequently forget that certain shows even exist I'll be coming back and adding those. Let's start with the ones I actually know off the top of my head!

I'm also going to assume Mike wants some actual good episodes to watch so I'll be strictly featuring those, with some exceptions that will be indicated with notes:


I suggested to Christian and Sean that they should check out Green-Eyed Monsters and that turned out to be kind of a mistake.... So instead I'll recommend Mike check out Tempest in a Teacup instead. I think that one for the most part avoids all the stuff Christian and Sean didn't like in the previous episode.Also, probably a good idea to avoid the final season entirely.

Good Luck Charlie

Futuredrama seems to be one people like a lot, although I think that has less to do with the actual episode and more to do with the fact that future Charlie is played by none other than Heather Locklear's daughter, but hey, there's nothing wrong with the episode itself. I also really liked Up a Tree (which also seems to be regarded as a classic) and Teddy's Lonely Hearts Club.

ANT Farm

influANTces (yes that's how the episode is actually spelled) is probably hands-down the best of the series, although I'm partial to endurANTs for some weird reason. And as with Jessie it's probably best just avoid the final season entirely.

Wizards of Waverly Place

Eh, re-watching the show in rerun form, it's not as good as I remember. It's easier to come up with a list of episodes to avoid, although even the worst episodes aren't that bad either. Definitely something in Season 3 to get the full 720p benefit, but not Season 4 where everything went into that senior slump. Maybe Alex Russo, Matchmaker? (No, I'm not posing a question...well, I guess I am, but the question mark is also part of the actual episode title - yeah WoWP episode titles get wonky probably because for the most part they just didn't give a damn when coming up with them) Or if you have to go with a Season 4 episode I guess the whole Wizards vs. Angels arch (you'll get to see a pre-ANT Farm China Ann McClain in that one!)

Suite Life on Deck

International Date Line is by far the funniest, Party On! is an awful piece of shit that makes me want to punch people in the face and represents exactly why sometimes people actively hate this network. If you want to go with something in "glorious" 720p format Senior Ditch Day is probably going to be the best.


The first Luke episode, or even the recent Halloween one. Avoid: pretty much the entire first season, most of the second season. It's still a pretty awful show, though I have to begrudgingly admit it's gone through the sophomore season improvement process. 


Yeah this show is a pile of meh so you might as well go with the Halloween episode since it's the funniest so far or the one with the cats because cats.

Stuck in the Middle

Eh the Rachel Platten one (Stuck in the Harley Car) because why not, or I thought Stuck in Harley's Comet was pretty good too.

Phineas and Ferb

The first Meep episode, full-stop (it's the episode that not only got me into Phineas and Ferb but the rest of Disney Channel and ultimately the existence of this very blog), or Where's Perry?

Gravity Falls

Honestly you just need to see the series in its entirety to really appreciate it, but Fight Fighters is the one that convinced me it's worth that time investment.

Shake it Up

Review-it-Up is the one with Ben Savage in it and honestly it's not that bad, and I really liked I Do-it-Up as far as episodes that come to mind, especially a decent S3 episode. The easiest episode to find, actually, might be Shake it Up, Up and Away because if you can find a copy of Geek Charming at your library it's automatically included in that disk (plus it's a two-fer-one!) I also really liked Made in Japan, which is effectively a multi-cam DCOM (it was even aired in one go).

Liv and Maddie

As long as you for the most part just avoid Season 1 you can't really go wrong (I even like Cali-style so far!) but Rate-a-Rooney is one of the few episodes of anything period to get GMW-like attention that isn't GMW, and for actual good reasons.

Best Friends Whenever

I actually like this show but it does tend to be very consistent in quality so you might as well just pick any one that isn't part of a multi-episode arc. If I had to pick a specific one I'd go with When Shelby met Cyd.

Dog with a Blog

Guess Who's Dating Karl (yeah they didn't exactly put their most creative efforts into these titles) is probably the funniest one.

Austin and Ally

I really liked Diners and Daters and Albums and Auditions but it's one of those shows where either the whole series will have appeal, or it won't. That said it kind of has the weird effect of the middle two seasons being the worst (it's like they just stopped caring and started throwing up just whatever shit they felt like).

So Random!!

Uhhhh...besides not really being into variety shows, especially kids shows, and this series just bungling up this whole concept in the first place (there's a reason why it was a One Season Wonder) yeah, you might as well pick any but I think you'd be better off just skipping this series entirely. No one will judge you for it.


Again, of the few I have seen I think they're pretty interchangeable in quality and I haven't actually seen a single episode of L.A. so again you're on your own.

That's So Raven

Probably Save the Last Dance, that was a nice one.

Cory in the House

I did see a few episodes of this but I don't really remember them that well so yeah you're on your own for this one too.

Phil of the Future

It's just a really good series I think so just feel free to take your pick.

Even Stevens

Probably A Very Scary Story, though overall I think the series is pretty good too. You can also try the DCOM, which is one of my favorites.

Kim Possible

It might be a little hard to follow if you don't know all the characters and ins and outs since it tends to be very self-referential, but if you want to be really adventurous you can try the Sitch in Time arc (it's really a DCOM in all but name) or the actual DCOM, So The Drama. The Christmas one is also fondly remembered too, if only for The Six Tasks of Snowman Hank.

The Proud Family

The best episode I've seen, actually, is the DCOM.

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

The reason why this is so far down the list is because it took me a while to think of one that I think would really appeal to a first-timer, but then I gave up and I'm just going to say Wish Gone Amiss (is that the episode title?)

Lizzie McGuire

I honestly find this series terminally boring to the point where it tends to literally put me to sleep, but I liked Magic Train (or at least the concept behind it)

The Thundermans

Mike seems to already have this covered as it is, but for the sake of other readers I really did like A Hero is Born.

School of Rock

I still think this show is awful, just not quite as awful, but I did somehow manage to like I Put a Spell on You (and it does have Daya in it). Pretty much avoid the entire first season at all costs as its pretty uniform garbage, yes including the Kira Kosarin one, in fact it's one of the worst of all.

Bella and the Bulldogs

I actually thought what turned out to be the series finale was the best.

Henry Danger

I mention an episode in one of the reviews so I need to go look up what it is.

Game Shakers

...I just can't stand this show and really I think you're better off avoiding it entirely so, no deal.


...am I nuts for really liking Wanko's Warehouse? Really, this and Drake and Josh is going to be Peak Schneider, yes even with iCarly. Speaking of which...


iKiss Freddie, no really.


  1. "Review it Up is not that bad" is the biggest lie I've ever heard. Ir's truly awful.

    Anyway, if we're sticking with currently running shows, i don't have a ton of suggestions since i don't follow most of them enough to pick one certain episode. (Aside from certain Halloween ones from this year that were good), but i agree with some that you have like Rate a Rooney.

    If Mike wishes to include XD however, i am your man:

    Kirby Bucketa: Kirby's Choice. From the summary it sounds lame, but it's easily one of the better takes on plot type i've seen. Also, good use of characters.

    Lab Rats Elite Force: The List,. Also, say hi to Disney's first true one season wonder for a script sitcom!

    And that's all i got, cuz the only ep i dsaw of Walk the prank wasn't very good, and i'm drawing a blank on anything else they might have in terms of live action right now. Infact, i think Kirby is only man standing on XD until Mech-X4 airs, and Disney Channel is getting that too.

    1. I still maintain Review it Up wasn't *that* bad plus it has Ben in it. I don't know, maybe I'm a bit biased since Ben takes a few pratfalls in that :)

      Walk the Prank is...just a really, *really* weird show. I want to catch up on Mike's post and a few others first but I intend to review Walk the Prank and Rank the Prank in one go very, very soon.

    2. I did a review going it it's...problems.



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