Saturday, November 26, 2016

What's Going On, Mike?

The quest must go on.......but not now.

Hey everyone. If you're reading this, you're probably wondering why I stopped doing Mike's Quest after one episode. Well, the answer to that is simple: My procrastination took over. Now I could do some more episodes of these shows by the end of 2016, but December starts this week. And you know what that means.

It means the holidays are coming up. And of course, what better way to celebrate this time of year than by reviewing Christmas episodes? I feel like I failed last year because all I reviewed was Ho Ho Holidays, something so traumatic and ridiculous it made me question why I even bother reviewing anything outside of Girl Meets World (which I already stopped reviewing episode by episode due to having my intelligence insulted) and The Thundermans, which is really only good for special episodes because that's when they pull out all the stops and give me a lot of material to work with. So this coming month, I'm going to be knee deep in Christmas reviews. Since this is a blog where you can exercise your creative rights, I will be reviewing other episodes that aren't a part of Nickelodeon or Disney. But they have to stand out, not just be average, but either really good or really bad. Like the Simpsons episode where Bart is caught shoplifting. If I can find something as bad as Henry Danger's Christmas episode, I'll do that too. I'm pulling out all the stops this month.

As for the Quest, I'm not abandoning that. I still want to review one episode of every Nick/Disney live-action sitcom that's currently on right now. But since December is right around the corner, I don't want to kill myself. By the end of the week, to cap off November, I hope to complete reviews of Game Shakers and School of Rock. I just want to get those two out of the way before working extra hard in December. Then in January, I'll complete the Quest. Hopefully. I already failed to deliver on one promise, but I want to step it up as a reviewer and give you a lot more of my thoughts next month to make up for it.

Yeah, so by the end of the week, Game Shakers and School of Rock. Keep banging. :)

-You guys hear about that Hannah Montana marathon coming up? That should really pull in some ratings. I'm not joking. I don't doubt people talking about it on the first night and Disney Channel getting a big ratings spike. You have to remember that Hannah Montana came during a time when it was really easy to get high ratings on cable. When Nickelodeon had iCarly, Disney had that to counter it. I don't even hate the show like a lot of other people do. In fact, growing up, I liked it and it's only been off for a couple years so how badly could it have aged? I'm going to feel like I just saw every episode yesterday, even the ones I haven't seen in a really long time. So for all the people who love to criticize the show, let me ask you this: Is kids live-action seriously better off now than before?

-This weekend is the Legends of the Hidden Temple movie. I don't really get the purpose of adapting a movie from a game show but I guess the show had more material to work with than I thought. I'm just glad Nickelodeon is still giving Isabela Moner jobs.

-As far as I know, Disney Channel has yet to renew Girl Meets World for a fourth season. I'm not really all that shaken up by it. In this day and age, a lot of shows get renewed very quickly. Shows like Star vs. The Forces of Evil and Legends of Chamberlain Heights were renewed for a second season before the first episode even aired. However, with Disney Channel and Girl Meets World, it's the complete opposite. Something tells me that Disney was unhappy with the ratings from season two and was really hesitant about renewing the show. Season three wasn't confirmed for several months. Besides, it seems like the actors have already started packing it in. While I'm not happy about the show being treated like this, it's pretty obvious that it wasn't nearly as good as it could have been and didn't get the ratings Disney was hoping for. Expectations were high, and after watching several more Boy Meets World episodes for the first time, it was clear that GMW was never going to surpass it. It could have been a great successor, but in the end it was just okay. Interesting fact, Fuller House is a monster hit on Netflix so far. That nostalgia train just keeps chugging along.

-Keeping that in mind, I don't really know how this That's So Raven reboot is going to turn out. I didn't grow up with Boy Meets World so I was more willing to give GMW a chance. But That's So Raven was a classic Disney Channel show and I don't know how they're going to handle the reboot. Especially in today's era where there's no show bringing in the ratings and good reviews like that. I guess only time will tell.


  1. HM is mostly hated for really starting the whole disney sitcom thing, or at least the worst parts of it. Raven and Lizze laid the groundwork and were fine but then Hannah came and it all changed. Also, it wasn't very good.

    The fact that Jessie got to 4 Seasons and GMW won't is....sad.

    1. I could see that. The High School Musical/Hannah Montana era is looked down upon by some people because that's when Disney Channel started morphing into something completely different from what it used to be. It's really something to think that at one point, the network had the HSM franchise, Miley, Demi, Selena, and the Jonas Brothers under them. It's just that a lot of people think it's the worst show they ever did's not.

      I haven't even seen the GMW Christmas episode yet. Not because I think it will suck, but I'm just not interested. Honestly, Disney might be doing the show a favor by not renewing it. It's sad how things turned out, but it was never going to be what everyone wanted it to.

    2. I think people see it as the worst simply due to being the start. It's gotten less hate as time has gone on, due to certain shows making people jump on new hate bandwagons.


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