Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Girl Meets Goodbye: Random thoughts leading to the finale

Just Sayin'

I have more thoughts than to just post that screenshot but those will be incoming (so consider this a fluid draft in progress). I've already seen the finale and...it's not JESSIE Ooray for Ollywood/Jessie Goes to Hollywood bad which may very well end up being the worst series finale in Disney Channel frickin' history...but it comes very, very close

Mike certainly seems to be under the impression that I have...very mixed feelings about GMW. Well, he's right. But unlike a lot of other turds I don't blame Rowan - but like a ton of other people (including Christian and Sean) I do blame the writers. I think rather than learning the lessons from the disastrous final season or two of Boy Meets World ("the college years") they merely just picked up where they left off and proved to the world they ran out of steam before the first series even concluded. But, more on that later (probably tonight). If you've read my updates to a post that's kind of buried now, you'll know I've got books to read.


  1. At least Jessie for the full 4 Seasons. Also, i honestly don't see what's so bad abotu the Jessie finale. The usual problems aside, it was good with a very nice and fitting (enough) ending. Could have been a full special like some other shows, but still decent enough. Wether it's the worst of the proper finales, I'm not sure, I'd need to revisit a couple. (And even if it is, it's due the flaws the show already has more than anything)

    1. We did a full review of the Jessie finale back when it aired, which would be October '15 (wow time flies doesn't it?)

    2. I recall at least you being nicer to it at the time, that or i just have a bad memory. Regardless of what you said, my point stands.

    3. Final grade-wise I was nicer, but in retrospect I think I was too nice. It's also hard to tell because of how much frustration I had with that series - even more than GMW. There's no reason why a "mere" Disney Channel show can't aspire to greatness or at least better-than-mediocrity. Good Luck Charlie and Liv and Maddie are proof of that. Girl Meets World was supposed to be the ultimate expression - and not just because it was effectively pre-ordained to be so through being a Boy Meets World sequel, but in just the trust and the good name brought by the people who worked on that first show (more on that specific topic in its own blog post). Jessie had sparks of brilliance in its first season when Tuber and Maile were still around and if they had kept them or with a good writing team (or even just writers who cared) it could've carried that through the whole series. Season continued those sparks for the most part (especially episodes like Why Do Foils Fall in Love and Girls Don't Wanna Get Shunned) but really the whole will/won't Jessie get married fakeout (and you thought the whole Will Riley move to London fakeout was bad?) was the show's last hurrah and in the fourth season, especially when more and more people were tuning in to LaM and especially GMW it just sat on the network proving to those LaM/GMW viewers that yeah this is another cheesy, crappy Disney Channel sitcom just filling in time for bored pre-tweens, hey look it has this lousy actress with fake red hair as the main star but at least she has a huge ass'n tits amirite?(in case it doesn't come through that last part was sarcastic, but yeah, it also brings up the point that a lot of, shall we say outsiders who took a quick look at the show came to some rather hurtful conclusions about Debby's body image and they're conclusions she very much is not fond of in the least).

    4. To add to that last point, Cracked.com made a "joke" about Debby really being a porn star.


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