Saturday, June 10, 2017

Andi Mack Reviewed: She's Turning Into You (S1E9)

I know that a cat smoked a cigar!

What is it? Well it's obviously a Disney-esque euphemism for that distinctive smell of weed. I live in Colorado, so trust me on this.

Ugh. I really really hate myself right now.

Remember how I was lamenting about how much I love this show and how much I hate that for review purposes? Yeah....

So here's another A episode. Out of like a billion of them so far.

If you guys are bored with reading these Andi Mack reviews I can't blame you. There are two things that always suck reviewing: something that's always middle-of-the-road mediocre in C-territory or something that's just so consistently good. In either case, there's just...not much new to talk about. The C show is going to be bland and boring and the consistently A show is...well you already know why it rates an A so why bother? Seriously?

The typical dress montage was veering dangerously into typical Disney Channel territory...and it never really changed course, but they looked like they were having such fun with it I don't care. And from that moment on there was hardly a bad beat to this episode. Yes, Buffy's way too over-competitive but they have fun with it (not unlike a certain twin of a very recently departed and beloved show). Andi's punk fake-out was pretty clever too. Uhhh...Amber's a bitch. I mean, "she's really great at giving second chances?" Wow, talk about passive-aggressive there. Reminds me of my mom, hey-oh!

Umm...struggling to come up with stuff to keep this from being in mini-review territory...yeah, so we get kinda a new thread here with the exact circumstances of how and why Bex left in the first place and the exact nature's still kept mum until at least the next episode (yes that's me falling behind again). And, ummm...well the Jonah stuff is pretty light in here, but again I thought Bex's intervention to get Jonah to fall for Andi was pretty great and clever too, and shows that Bex really wants to be involved in at least certain points of Andi's life, even though those particular, exact certain points might be stealing a lot of the focus on the bigger picture for Bex (and indeed, the show overall. I mean, do we have any idea what kind of student Andi even is?)'s the weather? Hey, Mike, since you're back what do you think of this show?

Episode Grade: A. I'm holding back on giving it an A+ mainly because of disappointment in my personal integrity to hold back my fanboyism.
Episode MVP: You know what I'm giving it to Lauren Tom because she really nails the whole "Asian Mom" thing (trust me I know).

Extra Thoughts:

 - Other potential quote openers are I'm trying to make a point! A very disgusting point! and I'm very bad at coming up with ideas! Exhibit A! Man, this is such a quotable show.

 - On the offhand chance that there are middle-schoolers reading this blog, well there you go: how to get a date as answered by Mack Chat. Just tell her she's pretty. Judging by the looks of those girls' faces, apparently this actually works.

 - Our Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 digital comic download code contest has concluded and we've indeed found a winner...kinda-sorta, but as close as we're ever going to get. The winner's already been notified and given his code, and we'll have a more detailed follow-up post.


  1. I thought this was one of the weaker ones so far. Still had good moments but it felt kind of all over the place. A bunch of montages then Andi randomly brings up something for no reason at all, then they drop it again to bring it up a bit later which makes the first mention of it pointless.

    And another weak/pointless subplot, yay. As i said, still good moments and the genersl charm makes it at least Decent but the loose script makes a bit weaker.

    Don't worry, I'll always here to bring in nitpick-y complaints to counter the fanboy-ism.

    Also, the next/most recent ep makes up for the flaws of this one, so I'll bring in praise for that one.


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