Saturday, February 20, 2016

You know how I've been talking about migrating to a new blog?

Well it's finally here! Kind of, sort of.

We won't be "migrating" per se since it's so difficult to move everything from Blogspot to Kinja, especially in regards to giving Mike authorship. But we'll be having a "shared" blog with me as the sole author for now while I figure out how to extend author privileges (which, I've been told by the Kinja Boffins, is probably...uhhh...never). I'm not sure what kind of content will be shared back-and-fourth the two blogs for now, but the new blog will be mostly hosting essays for the time being as opposed to reviews or casual observations. BTW, the new blog is Kids' Corner @ Kinja (not officially affiliated with Kinja or Gawker Media, but they are kind enough to host things for us). 

In the meantime expect more reviews of Girl Meets World, Gravity Falls and other stuff I have to catch up on.

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