Monday, April 3, 2017

Some more minor review formatting notes (this time about how reviews are actually written)

So, yeah. Just a quick note - since we've been doing a lot of short, one-paragraph or even one-sentence reviews lately (especially back in February and early March there are quite a few) I've decided that we're going to have a special "Mini-Review" category from now on. It's not that big a change at all from our normal review style - you'll still have the whole who/what/where headers we have for all our reviews now, still have movie/episode MVPs, extra thoughts (in fact don't be surprised if the extra thoughts section is many, many times larger than the actual review itself) and etc. The only thing is that now the header will say "Mini Review" so you get to know the review itself is probably going to be a few sentences long (with a 1,500-word Extra Thoughts section) and with a link to the IMDb profile since we usually go into plot and story details in the main body of our full reviews and needless to say that's a bit hard to do in a few sentences usually more useful as pathetic exercises in sarcasm than actual reviews. 

The first review demonstrating the new format - Eurotrip - is right below!

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