Monday, April 3, 2017

Eurotrip: Movie Mini-Review

Well, there's your R-rating right there.

What is it? Theatrical-release "teen comedy" originally released in 2004, during a period where bad teen comedies and American Pie-clones roamed the Earth.
Where did it air? Well being a theatrical release from over a decade ago it should be easy enough to find in some form, but in this case I recorded it off TBS on my DVR
Who stars in it? Michelle Trachtenberg is probably going to be the biggest name in it by far (and really, except for weirdo niche "enthusiasts" like me she's probably never going to be that much of a big name to begin with, but hey at least she was in Buffy and the first and "real" Harriet the Spy movie) and Kristen Kruek makes a glorified cameo in it. And I have to take back the comment about Michelle Trachtenberg being the biggest name in it (sorry Michelle :( ) but apparently Matt Frickin' Damon is in it, though I only found out about this from looking up the IMDb credits. And oh, some guys named Scott Mechlowicz and Jacob Pitts are in it.
Why are we reviewing this? Well I could always pull out the "Michelle Trachtenberg was the first Harriet the Spy and she was in Buffy too" excuse but really, b'cuz.

Full IMDb page with summary:

So, ok, it's funny for all the wrong, 12-year-old fratboy reasons...but hey, at least it's funny.

Movie Grade: Between a C'ish and a C+'ish. Like I said, it's funny, but it's funny for all the wrong, 12-year-old-frat-boy reasons (it really shows off its age and the sensibilities of the last decade) but at the end of the day it's still funny.
Movie MVP: I really do feel Travis Wester really does the comedy heavy lifting, plus I didn't mention him in "Who stars in it?" so here you go, Travis.

Extra Thoughts:

 - first some blog errata: I know you're owed a few reviews here and there and they're coming. The big question I keep getting asked lately is have I seen Andi Mack? And the answer is: Yes. What do I think about it. You'll have to stay tuned for the review, sorry, which can come anywhere between tomorrow and Sunday. I'll try to fast-track the Tangled movie review and Tangled: Before Ever After review within that time too (though don't expect more than a review per day, and between the three it's no question prioritizing the Andi Mack review first, both from relevancy and just quality - I know there are a lot of Tangled fans out there but one way to tell what I think of a movie or episode before I even put the review up is how much I simply put it off especially in favor of other reviews). I also want to throw in another essay about the importance of tween/teen entertainment that's going to come in there too, and I have another Barbie movie review! (that one will have to wait for me to find time to actually watch it first, which might not be until Sunday or even sometime the first half of next week...hopefully). 

 - As for Hunter Street, I've decided to delay the review of that until the season one/series finale Friday so I can give it a whole series review, but if you want spoilers for a review of all things: so far it does things...decently, it does other things...not so decently and it's looking like another C'ish to C+'ish, probably in C+ territory if that strikes you as a positive or if that means anything. Another spoiler alert: yeah Tangled and the "DCOM" (more on that in the dedicated review) are pretty much going to be in that territory too.

 - So that's a lot of mehtastic-ism being thrown around a lot lately (well, into the future) which is one of the reasons why I want to write up an essay to talk at least in some part about some good stuff in tween/teen entertainment. Still, some of you might be curious what I think is actually good on Disney and Nick lately, especially since Thundermans seems to be on a mini-hiatus and a lot if not most of the live-action multi-cam stuff on Disney Channel right now is kind of garbage. Well, this "Tales of the TMNT" (the 5th season of TMNT '12 of course, I really don't know why they retitled it so that my DVR can miss it) hasn't really missed a beat so far, I like how the new season's turned out to far. Uhhh...Power Rangers: Ninja Steel is pretty decent too (yeah, I know the "Disney Channel and Nickelodeon Review Blog" and "I really liked Barbie: Star Light Adventure more than I should so I recorded Barbie" Video Game Hero" should've been a big warning sign for you, but now that I'm typing it out even I'm kind of surprised just how much of a man-child I'm really painting myself to be). But what I'm really getting into lately is, well....

...yeah, I've probably doomed myself to be single for the rest of my life, if not being put on some list. 

 - As for extra thoughts about the actual movie we're reviewing, eh...nothing really comes out to mind besides the rather very little I've already said, other than, I dunno...I guess I could say something like "I think Michelle Trachtenberg's pretty hot" or "the girl at the photo development counter who went behind the back alley with Travis Wester's character is pretty hot too" but per my new year's resolution for the blog empty objectifying comments like that get shoved to the very back (and comments like that are probably another reason why I'll be single for the rest of my life/get put on some list).

 - So one of our wiseguy commentators wants me to point out the best part of the movie so here you go:



  2. I won't watch Andi Mack until the actual premire so i can't say anything yet, nor will i comment on the review if you post before then.

    I commented on Tangled before and will comment further on the review, but yeah they only made a DCOM to get more people to watch it....and also because this is the first Disney cartoon made for Disney Channel rather than XD in forever and they made a pilot film , so sure DCOM.

    It's best to look at at like the tv show pilot it is rather than a film. Gave me an excuse to re-watch the original film at least.


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