Monday, March 6, 2017

Disney Channel (and maybe some XD) and Nickelodeon live-action (and maybe some animated) shows currently airing new episodes except for Liv and Maddie between now and the KCAs, ranked

Disney Channel:

1. Bizaardvark (yes really)
2. Stuck in the Middle
3. K.C. Undercover
Unwatchable Flaming Piles of Garbage Tier: Bunk'd, Polly and the Zsu-Zsu- Pets


1. The Thundermans
2. Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn (yes really)
3. Henry Danger
Unwatchable Flaming Piles of Garbage Tier: School of Rock, Game Shakers

The Loud House really deserves to be on a list strictly for animation so I'm not going to include it (it'd probably be #1, BTW). But I do want to get it out there that Polly and the Zsu-Zsu Pets is an unwatchable flaming pile of garbage.

If Girl Meets World was still on I might be halfway tempted to put it in the Unwatchable Flaming Piles of Garbage Tier out of pure spite and frustration. 

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