Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Original Movie Review: Picture This!

OH MUH GAWD I have buttface!

What is it? A movie, specifically (at least I'm convinced) a direct-to-DVD/Streaming movie
Where did it air? Well my DVR randomly recorded it off the MGM channel because I have my DVR set to auto-record Ashley Tisdale (yeah...) but you'd probably either have to search your programming guides or break down and rent it (or get it from the library, I suppose).
Who stars in it? Ashley Tisdale and a whole bunch of Literally Whos?
Why are we reviewing this? Because, um...Ashley Tisdale....

Wow, talk about a movie that takes the safest path in its storytelling.

Movie Grade: C+. It has its moments but...see above. You offend no one, you entertain no one.
Movie MVP: Uhh, Ashley Tisdale by default I guess.

Extra Thoughts:

 - as middle of the road as this movie is it does have some outright bonkers moments too, like how waaaay too possessive/protective the dad is and how the designated Mean Girl Alpha Bitch has a vile of..what other characters think is Marilyn Manson's blood, and it's never explained what it actually is and what it's actually for?

 - The opening quote concerns how Ashley's character suddenly has a massive allergic reaction and while trying to hide she falls into a mall fountain. I think at that point the makeup just washed off and the director just said, "yeah, we'll go with that, Ashley's instantly cured!"

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