Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Superior Donuts series so far review

Oh gosh darn, you Millennials!

What is it? 24-minute length multi-cam sitcom
Where did it air? CBS, or as it's increasingly becoming, the Those Darn Millennials! Network
Who stars in it? Sitcom legend Judd Hirsh, near-equal legend Katey Sagal, and ummm.... Is that Ken Starr from Austin & Ally in this?
Why are we reviewing it? Oh gosh darn, you Millennial blog readers!

I'm not even kidding you can easily tell what the primary age demo of CBS is from their sitcom programming alone. It's kind of embarrassing. Yeah I know CBS has the highest ratings of the four/five main broadcast networks by far but...as my baby-boomer dad likes to say, that's like bragging about being the greatest surfer in the middle of Pierre, North Dakota.

As for the series itself it's pretty much just a string of "observational comedy" about Millennials being pantomimed by Judd and cast. Hosted in a donut shop because I'm guessing one of the writers once visited one in Portland or Seattle.

Series Grade (after two episodes): D+, aka The AV Club Gentlemen's F (I will never get tired of saying that)
Series MVP: Well, it's kind of hard not to give it to Judd Hirsh at least. I mean he is legendary for several good reasons.

Extra Thoughts

 - Just like the laughs, pretty empty here.

 - In the second episode a joke revolves around Hirsh trying to compete with Sriracha-donuts with Dill-Donuts. And my thought was, yup, aptly describes the writing staff. 

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