Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Andi Mack Reviewed: It's Not About You (S1E5)

That's it? After 13 years, just "Hey"?

What is it? Blah blah blah yeah yeah by now you pretty much know what Andi Mack is just like you know what Girl Meets World is.

So Bex tries to write to Andi's dad and bonds with Buffy the Hair Slayer.

You have no idea how hard this review's been to write, and I don't mean in terms of anything related to the episode itself - it's just pure logistical reasons. Now I've been able to write a few reviews in the meantime but Andi Mack is complex enough to really justify a careful watch-through to really do a review of it justice. If that makes sense for you, given it's still a tween-ish sitcom. But whatever, that's my story and I'm sticking to it, so there.

Up to this point the dramatic tension has been centered around two things, and those two things in turn revolve squarely around Andi Mack. Now granted when we're introduced this third thing in this episode it still revolves around Andi Mack but, hey, that's to be expected, the show is literally named after her after all. But what it also does is bring more people into that dramatic tension so the whole show doesn't have to be about Andi wrapping her head around the fact that who she thought was her sister is her mom or butting heads with Amber Alert, uuughhhhh.

...and, so, ok, so it still revovles around Bex too, and Andi's fears that her friends and her mom are going to steal each other away from her. But, again, the show does it very naturally or at least it really makes the viewer feel it's progressing naturally. Bex is new at the motherhood thing, despite seeing her daughter (very) off and on for the entirety of Andi's 13 years, and now that the cat's out of the bag it's only natural she wants to branch out and use Andi's friends to learn how to be a better mom (and friend) to Andi herself. 

So, yeah, that part was well done, what about the rest?

We've got Buffy's Bad Hair Day, or rather some kid is complaining about her hair being too big so she straightens it, but since we learn that her mom's in the military and on deployment the next best mom figure she has at her immediate disposal ends up being Bex, which causes that tension in the A-plot above. 

Oh, wait, that isn't the A-plot (or is it? It's a bit hard to keep track of with all these plotlines, and really who cares what letter of the alphabet gets assigned to these plotlines anyway). Bex is trying to reach out to Andi's dad and some awkwardness ensues, and as we learned from the last episode Andi's dad is at least aware that Andi exists, even if not necessarily that she's her daughter.

And then we have Cyrus and, um, what is it, Cindi? One of Amber Alert (uuuugggghhh)'s friends no less, and they hit it off. Like the parts with Buffy's hair problem before it suddenly got serious and awkward with Bex, it's there for comedy, but also for character development and hey the show does well with it. And then we have the "carousel incident" which, well, just makes me feel sorry for him...but in a good way, the way the writers no doubt intended.

Whew....well there you go, that's the review! Well...uhhh...gee, for all this delay that ended up being pretty simple. Heck I probably could've done it as a mini-review. So, ummm...hey howabout those

Episode Grade: A-. I think this show's been doing a really great job of mixing humor, character development and other things I'm just going to file under what I'll call "honest moments" (I'm sure there's probably a more industry-accepted term out there, maybe listed under TVTropes, and as soon as I find out what that is I'll start using it) that immensely contribute to the show's charm and beliveability. So yeah, Andi Mack's A-streak has yet to be broken at least for me.
Episode MVP: Joshua Rush for being just so darn awkward and pulling it off.

Extra Thoughts:

 - Well, umm...yeah. By the time you're reading this Andi's dad has apparently managed to work himself in as a semi-regular no less so, umm...yeah. Keep in mind this is still the latest episode I've seen so far so...yeah. I'm gonna have to do some binge-watching in my future.

 - And on that note this is also the first review of Andi Mack we've done in May. With about a week to go in the month. Yeah.

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