Sunday, May 28, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Movie Mini-Review

It's called a Zune. It's what all the Earthlings are listening to these days

What is it? Only the greatest movie of the SUMMER! Yeah and all that.
Where did it air? Well it's a movie that's actually out now, a first for this blog actually, so your only choices to see it are to either pay a ridiculous price like $17.31 for a ticket (and don't go out with a chatty, text-y date who might piss you off enough to sue) or try to look for it online and be satisfied with some really dodgy, shoddy phone rips (trust me, just pay the ticket price or wait for it on DVD if you're as cheap as me).
Who stars in it? A Raptor Wrangler, an American Sniper, Spock's girlfriend, a (former?) WWE wrestler, a baby tree who only has enough time to live life a quarter mile at a time, a Gladiator, and Amy Pond, the greatest Doctor Companion Of. All. Time. 
Why are we reviewing this? Because it legit rocks ok?

I mean, I know it's hard to tell given that it's a bunch of text and I really, really suck at drawing a line when I'm sincere and sarcastic but I loved the first one, and the second one didn't disappoint in the slightest bit. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 earns Unknown's endorsement as the one movie I really think is worth watching this summer, if you only had to choose one (though I'm hoping to catch Transformers, Pirates and Cars along the way at least).

Movie Grade: A. It was a bit slower in some parts than the first one which did hurt it a bit from getting an A+ score, but the parts where it counted did almost make up for it. It's a more developed movie than the first one, that's for sure, even if the first one managed to have a lot of extremely fast pacing behind it.
Movie MVP: Oh yeah, sure, I could go the obvious route, the route everyone expects me to take and just pick someone like Zoe Saldana because blah blah blah oooh she's so pretty - and don't get me wrong, even under the Gamorra makeup she's hot as hell (and a redhead! Well, sorta) and believe me she's more than enough talented to justify an MVP award, but it's absolutely going to have to go to David Batistia, hands down, bar none. He strikes me as having some serious acting chops and I can easily see him as taking on more serious, much more heavy-hitting roles than say Dwayne Johnson (and don't get me wrong, I think he's a very talented actor too).

Extra Thoughts:

  - Speaking of Zoe Saldana though, if there is one other movie I highly recommend you go see it's...Center Stage. Even if you're really not into the ballet scene it's an extremely excellent movie. I mean it. It was one of the best movies I've bothered to see in 2014 (keeping in mind I only saw the original GotG on DVD early the next year).

 - And one other thing, I noted in my review of Emma's Chance (way back in February or so) that two of the actresses in that movie are a blonde and redhead even though their natural hair colors are the reverse (the blonde dyed her hair red and the redhead dyed her hair blonde, for whatever reason). Well we kind of have that case going on here with Zoe having red...ends, on her hair, at least and Karen...I guess being very much religiously opposed to skullcap disguises or something? I mean, not to criticize or shame her or anything it just kind of strikes me as extreme for a single role.

 - Yeah, I'm resisting to go the other obvious route and just quote I am Groot! for the opening intro, because yeah everyone's doing that.

 - Speaking of which I don't see much of a reason to go in-depth since you can go just about anywhere for that, but I just wanted to share my opinion real quick.

 - Yeah this is probably the best movie with Vin Diesel in it right now, and I'm actually a pretty big fan of Fast & Furious.

 - I'm actually watching Henry Danger "Hour of Power" as I'm writing this and I just noticed the similarity between Drax and Drex

 - yeah yeah expect a full Andi Mack review later this evening.

 - Oh, and I was going to share one other particular detail about my thoughts about Guardians of the Galaxy but...I decided it was too easy, and maybe instead we'll make it into a contest! If you can guess the specific detail I've left out of my review, you win a prize! At first I was thinking, let's make it something relatively big - like win a copy of Guardians of the Galaxy on DVD, or even Vol 2 when it comes out, or like win a DVD of that aforementioned Center Stage movie - but then I started thinking and I'm, like someone's probably gonna guess it and now I'm going to have to pay for a DVD for someone, dammit! (maybe later, when this blog gets bigger or I get a promotion, but...yeah, I'm too busy running this blog on the cheap for the five of you who read it). But then I remembered that I got these free GotGVol2 digital comic download codes for the movie, and I have one more than I need, so howabout I make that one of the prizes?

So there you go, guess the one very specific detail I left out and you can win a digital comic code I got for free anyway. I can't give you any hints (because then people will guess it right away anyway) and besides you know me and you know where to look for those hints anyway. 

Also, the contest ends June 4, 2017 (National Hug Your Cat Day!) and the code itself expires June 30, 2017. Marvel user account and Internet access required. And not that it matters, the five or so of you who bother to read my blog only pay attention when I'm reviewing Girl Meets World or Andi Mack anyway but meh.

Oh, and I want to add - you're not trying to find a missing detail of the movie, you're trying to find a missing detail about my thoughts about the movie. So yeah, you're pretty much going to have to literally read my mind.

Good Luck!

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