Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Andi Mack Reviewed: She Said, She Said (S1E6)

Amber Alert! Amber Alert! That's right, I'm still saying it!
And it's still wrong!

What is it? It's Andi Mack and you should know that by now!

Well, that was certainly interesting.

So first thing's first, Buffy is absolutely right about how Amber's just going to keep doing this to Jonah until Andi puts a stop to it, so there at least.

But...ok, here's a problem though - and it has nothing to do with the show itself or even reviewing this specific show per se as it is just a problem with the issue of reviewing period...and, umm...compounded by statements I've made in the past on this blog, concerning a particular other show and certain comments I may have made about how I might've resolved to, you know, shit on GMW less.

The only problem with that is, well...Andi Mack absolutely is the show GMW should've been, the show we all kinda deluded ourselves GMW was going to be. And so it's hard to accurately convey the quality of Andi Mack and what it does so well without having to go back to GMW and, well, kinda take a massive smelly dump all over GMW and how it kinda sorta failed at what it was trying to do.

I mean, the confrontation between Andi and Amber and Jonah racing to find Andi - that's real drama. Bex being all hung up with CeCe - that's real drama. Even the competitiveness between Buffy and Marty - I don't know if it's drama per se, but it at least feels real or at least more entertaining than what we ended up getting for most of GMW. I mean...I really liked Girl Meets She Don't Like Me, awkward syntax in the title and all. For me that was about as "real" as the show got. And that was hardly, far away from being the only good episode that show had.

But man, Andi Mack completely and totally blows GMW out of the freakin' water.

I Andi Mack better than Liv and Maddie for example? I'd argue that those two shows are so tonally different that they're hard to compare (Andi Mack still is a comedy, don't get me wrong, but it's working hard the charm and even drama angles a lot harder than L&M ever did) but...yeah, if push came to shove and you demanded I give a yes or no answer, I'd say, yes, it's better than Liv and Maddie.

Is it better than Good Luck Charlie? Again, I'd argue that there's tonal differences that make it hard to compare, though GLC is at least a bit closer to Andi Mack than L&M is. But again, yeah, if push came to shove I'd say yes.

Is it better than Jessie? Now I know I have a reputation of being a Jessie fanboy but...yes it's better than Jessie.

But enough of that, back to this episode, and while it certainly had comedy moments it's chock full of that delicious drama - although it also means the episode kinda peters out after Jonah finds Andi. The Buffy v. Marty-slaying action also lasts about a total of two whole scenes, and the rest is filled out by Bex and CeCe which ends up fulfilling most of the episodes' comedy. Bex's lines about trying to get the keyboard to work almost made the episode's quotable opening for this review and hey, it's always funny when old people try to work technology, amirite? 

Episode Grade: A. Yup, the streak still continues. I have to say, Andi Mack is probably one of the hardest shows we've been regularly reviewing here because it really is something you need to see for yourself, and I really don't want to turn these reviews either into spoiler-fests (despite the fact that this episode aired a few weeks ago already) or just massive recaps (which especially for a show as plot-heavy as this can make said recaps a bit of a chore).
Episode MVP: Peyton Elizabeth Lee all the way.

Extra Thoughts:

 - yeah I totally forgot the drama from the last episode leading into this one and, hey we meet Dad! (though if you've been actually keeping up with this show...yeah you probably already met him a while ago).


  1. It's interesting how this show seems to Disney Sitcom's attempt to do that whole "story arc" thing the kids are into these days, with cliffhangers in every episode and all that. It's very much trying to be a "binge" show.

    It works although i will sometimes it tries a tad too hard and i think they jumped the gun on Andi's Dad, they should have waited a bit i think, but more on that when you cover the latest one.

    1. I was *really* tempted to give this episode an A+ actually...but there's a reason it got bumped down to a flat A. I still think this episode was strong enough to be in A-territory but...we'll see with the next one which is sitting on my DVR and I intend to watch today.


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