Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Inspector Gadget Movie Mini-Review

Yah-HOOOOooooOOOOoOOOOO!!! (yes as in that search engine nobody uses anymore)
Alternatively, "It's a Disney movie!" (yes it gets a little meta, yay)

What is it? Theatrical release movie based on a cartoon from the 80s or 90s or whatever
Where did it air? Well, it was in theaters and it's like almost 20 years old (wow how time flies) so it shouldn't be hard to find; my DVR just happened to auto-record it (wow my DVR has weird auto-record settings) from Showtime.
Who stars in it? Matthew Broderick who was, well, trying to prove he's more than just Ferris Buehler at the time (and let's face it, pretty much for his whole life), some redhead "beautiful scientist" (no really that's the actual description provided in the program guide) named Joely Fisher, some guy named Rupert Everett in the Dr. Claw role, and Michelle Trachtenberg in the little kid sidekick role. And D.L. Hugely as the car. Yes, the car, but at least it's a sweet '61 Lincoln convertible that they consequently ruined for the sake of their schlock movie.
Why are we reviewing this? Well, it is a Disney movie, it has the official label and all.

I think Inspector Gadget is well-known enough as a franchise at least that I can forgo linking to IMDb so you can read a description of what it is

Hey, remember when The Nostalgia Critic from Channel Awesome reviewed this movie? If you do, yeah he was right, and if you don't, Google it and watch it (it's 20 minutes long!)

Movie Grade: F
Movie MVP: Eh, tied with Matthew Broderick himself and Michelle Trachtenberg as explained in Extra Thoughts below

Extra thoughts:

 - come to think of it, watching this is like watching a movie version of Bunk'd but without having Peyton List stumble through the art of acting but at least being pretty while she does it to look at.

 - Actually come to think of it Michelle Trachtenberg really reminds me of Miranda Cosgrove back in the iCarly days in this. And Matthew Broderick is actually very well-cast in this, it's just that...the movie sucks.


  1. I like this movie fine. Certainly more than the sequel.

  2. Yes, they made a Direct to Video sequel during Disny's phase of doing DTV Sequels to literately any movie they wanted to. It's just as good as you think it would be.


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