Sunday, October 4, 2015

Best Friends Whenever Reviewed: "Cyd and Shelby's Haunted Escape" (#1.09)

Regular Teen Girl!

What is it? Yeah it's the exact same from when I first reviewed Best Friends Whenever and holy shit I never actually finished this review, damn!

Ok, so it turned out that the Monstober Best Friends Whenever was good enough for its own review. It was waaaay better than Meets World of Terror 2 so I'll have to give them credit. I know GMWReviewed says they're going to review this episode too because of the GMW connection (so far they haven't yet, if they decided it's too crappy to review) but screw that I liked it.

Again, if you can't be good, at least be funny. Best Friends Whenever gets that. Yes, I laughed out loud and I'm not afraid to admit it.

The B-plot was kind of lame, but then again that just comes with the territory of Disney Channel shows. Really, the B-plot exists mostly to justify the large casts they like for whatever reason and I guess because they're too afraid to come up with an A-plot that takes up a whole 24 minutes. 

The A-plot isn't much home to write about either - Cyd and Shelby get stuck in a puzzle room with Riley and Lucas (RUUUUCAS RUCAS RUCAS RUCAS GIRL MEETS TEXAS RUCAS RUCAS ok I'll stop) and Cyd tries to solve the puzzle by breaking everything. I don't care if you say this drawer can't be opened! Screw you I'll make up my own rules! Yeah the puzzle room is interactive too it turns out, with this electronic ghost painting-thingie that mostly just unsuccessfully tries to tell Cyd to quit breaking things. Then Cyd and Shelby turn into ghosts and they pass out of the room and act confuse, then figure out they're ghosts and then go back and inhabit Riley and Lucas' bodies. Regular teen girl stuff! Yeah, I'll offer this as proof that the BFW writers know how to write Riley and Lucas better than the actual GMW writers at times, sorry Christian and Sean. Anyway by inhabiting their bodies they can touch each other and time travel again, so they travel back in time to destroy the transporter laser that gave them the power in the first place, and so I guess the stuff that happened when they helped out Holden and Liv back in Liv and Maddie to delete the photo never happened? Does this mean that the photo with Holden and Liv got out? Also OMG HOLDEN HOLDEN HOLDEN RUCAS HOLDEN RUCAS TESSIE TESSIE RUCAS RUCAS GIRL MEETS TEXAS RUCAS yeah I ran this one into the ground long before this point didn't I?

Now all of you who have been polluting my Twitter timeline with this shit knows what it feels like.

...and here I come to actually finish this review a record 10 months later, oops. Anyway:

Episode Grade: B+. Despite what Christian and Sean say (just between you and me I think they tend to be spoil-sports when it comes to things not strictly related to Boy Meets World anyway) I thought this was one of the best of the stupid idiotic whole Monstober crossover headache. What makes it work for the most part is just that the writing was sharp on the humor and it realized it didn't really need to be anything else out of this gawdawful, intentionally ambiguous in canon status mess. That's the most that can really be said about it anyway, but hey if and when it pops up again it's worth another chance.
Episode MVP: Regular Teen Girl a tie between Landry Bender and Rowan Blanchard. Really, in this case neither one could pull it off without each other.


  1. In regards to the crossover with "Best Friends Whenever" and "Liv and Maddie", yes, those events didn't happen. However, that's good. Note that the photographer was unaware of Liv's presence until it was pointed out to him by one of the characters from "Best Friends Whenever". Thus, by going back in time and stopping themselves from going to the party, they never tipped off the photographer, and thus no unauthorized photos were snapped.

    1. ...huh, that's actually pretty interesting. Thanks for pointing that out!

    2. This was miles better than GMW this week, which is a sad, sad thing to say. Also on this episode the guest stars got way more screen time than other crossover stars did in any other show. These writers also managed to have Riley and Lucas sound like regular kids, which I was impressed with and which the GMW writers don't always accomplish.

      As far as the Liv & Maddie crossover, this is where I see this entire crossover event becoming canon. I'm sure the time travel thing will not reset the story, and having Joey (the most unreliable character in that episode) delete that picture almost ensures that he screwed it up and that Andie will see it and drama will ensue. Of course I could be completely wrong.

    3. I'm actually surprised Christian and Sean (or at least Sean) hates the BFW episode that much. They lampshaded the hell out of the crossover and that's always funny! (as proven by Family Guy)

    4. Given how...closed minded they can be when it comes to disney sitcom stuff, I'm not shocked. (At least with Sean in this review, the other guy was okay with it. Also, don't see this an insult, they do work, it's just a thing they exhibit sometimes)

    5. That's true. They're coming at it from a different perspective, and well - there's actually some real, grounded science to account for different people's taste (why some people love shittier stuff than others) but I think I should save that for its own blog post.

  2. Yes, Riley and Lucas were way better than in their actual show, which is kind of ironic. They seemed much more relaxed and much less forced in this episode. And they also were a lot funnier. Also, it was fun to see them hang out without Maya and Farkle, and without talking about anything romance related between the two of them. The GMW writers should definitely take notes from this episode!


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