Monday, October 26, 2015

LEAKED SCRIPT EXCLUSIVE: Girl Meets World: "Girl Meets Belief in the Bay Window" (#3.Whatevs)

The opening scene: Riley and Maya sitting in front of the all-encompassing Bay Window

Riley: Maya, I need you to believe in God.

Maya: What for, Riley? It's not like that there's any proof that God exists!

The room starts to shake and the Bay Window starts to glow

The ghost from Meets World of Terror 2: It is I again! The spirit of the Bay Window! I am here because I have been summoned by Maya's lack of faith in God! For I am here to bring testament to He who is All-Powerful!

Riley: You're an angel?

Spirit of the Bay Window: Yes, I am an angel, for I am an emissary of the true power of God as welded through the Bay Window! (note: this is how it appears on the script, as the writers are unaware it's spelled "wielded")

Maya: How can God be so powerful if he can't even get my family back together?

Spirit of the Bay Window: What knowledge of you, mere mortal, that doth thee possess of God's plan? Perhaps it is not God's plan for you, Maya Hart, to be a part of that family? Perhaps it is of the will of God as expressed through the Bay Window for your role in a family to be of different plans?

Maya: does she always speak that way?

Riley: I don't remember!

Spirit of the Bay Window: It has been determined through the power of the Bay Window that you, Maya Hart, will be of the Hunter clan, with your mother Katy Hart to be wed in hand with the great Shawn of the Hunter!

Maya: But if this is a part of God's plan then why did my mom marry my dad in the first place?

Spirit of the Bay Window: It is the power of the Bay Window to be able to stretch through the reaches of time and space to bring to fruition the will of God!

Maya: do you understand what she's saying?

Riley: About as well as "astronaut horse."

Spirit of the Bay Window: It was necessary to ensure the plans of God unfold with the meeting of the Maya of the Hart with the Riley of the Matthews! For Maya is of the Hart!

Maya: Wait so the only reason why my mom married my dad is for a lame pun?

Spirit of the Bay Window: And to meet Riley! Aren't you listening?

Maya: Not with that attitude!

Spirit of the Bay Window: Oh, so you have an attitude now? Maybe the Disciples of the Bay Window will better able to teach upon you the word of God!

Maya: ...huh?

Through the fire escape, Evelyn Rand enters through the Bay Window

Evelyn: Hey girls! It is I, the other emissary-person-thingie with this here Bay Window! 

Maya: You're an angel too?!

Evelyn: You're darn straight tootin'! Haha, I've had this emissary gig for a loooong while, let me tell you!

Farkle enters through the bay window

Farkle: It is true! Ever since she gave me that well-deserved stern talkin' to when I tried to sell sugar muffins as a thinly-veiled stand in for crack, I've been able to learn the error of my ways and now I follow The Evelyn, Emissary to The Bay Window, Window to the Word of God as the first of her disciples.

Aubrey McAvoy eters through the bay window

Aubrey: And ever since she gave me a stern talkin' to after I tried to cheat you girls because this is a live-action cartoon show, I have also since learned the error of my ways and now I also follow The Evelyn, Emissary to The Bay Window, Window to the Word of God as her second disciple.

All four Emissaries/Disciples start chanting ancient runes.

Maya: ...ok this is too fucking weird for me I'm outta here. 

Maya brushes past the chanting nimrods and exits out the Bay Window.


  1. Huh.

    Somehow, that could be less offensive than what we'll get.

    Keep writing, Unknown. I saw we got some grief from the LMS review. I had to step back and calm down because I got a little upset. But then I realized, if you enjoy writing, forget what anybody else has to say. Keep rocking on.

    That said, is Girl Meets the Bay Window supposed to be post-Texas? Cuz I don't want to deal with the story line in just one episode in December and have it all wrapped up in the last season episode in February.

    1. Heh, thanks! Encouragement to keep writing never hurts! Yes, I do enjoy writing a lot, so again thanks. I don't know about any grief from the LMS review since...uh, you were the only person to reply to that one.

      ...I was going to say "Yes, Meets the Bay Window is supposed to be post-Texas" but then I remembered that the whole episode order for the rest of the season is very muddled. Consider that just because something was filmed earlier doesn't mean it's necessarily supposed to actually be aired in that order (Meets Demolition was the 7th Season 2 episode filmed, yet it aired as Season 1's penultimate episode). I guess we're just going to have to see it and see for ourselves.

    2. I saw some comments on the Last Man Standing page on IMDB. We didn't like their show so I can't say I'm too surprised. It was two or three people. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      That said, I've been wondering when exactly these episodes are supposed to be. I'm thinking "Meets the New Year" might be Josh's graduation.


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