Friday, October 2, 2015

Reality Break: Uriah Shelton (actor behind Joshua Matthews on Girl Meets World) hospitalized in motorcycle accident

I just found out about this about a minute or so ago on the Girl Meets World Reviewed and that teen actor Uriah Shelton is making a slow recovery after being involved in a motorcycle accident, the details of which can be read on one of his Instagram and Twitter posts which has been reposted in the enclosed link. If you're wondering why this is big news for this blog, or what he has to do with Girl Meets World, he's the actor portraying Joshua Matthews (Cory's younger brother and Riley's barely-older uncle) on the show. He's also had a lengthy history with being a child actor on Disney Channel, the first instance I'm aware being on the Suite Life on Deck special episode Maddie on Deck alongside the Sprouse twins, Brenda Song, Ashley Tisdale, Debby Ryan and Phill Lewis. I've very much enjoyed his portrayal of Joshua Matthews - the role and his performance of it brought what I think is exactly the kind of growing journey Micheal Jacobs had in mind for Girl Meets World and the type of vision that made Boy Meets World a rare teen-family sitcom of its period worth remembering beyond just for its humor or other standard TV sitcom metrics. As much as I hated Meets the Tell-Tale Tot it certainly wasn't any fault of Shelton and indeed his performance (and the performance of other gifted actors like Sabrina and Rowan) were still spot-on.

I can go on and on and fill this entire blog with a glowing eulogy for a guy who's already 80% on the way to recovery. These type of things happen, and it's fortunate that Shelton was able to recover from this accident - which brings up another quick point I want to emphasize. I myself am a motorcycle rider and I occasionally blog about it on another blog called Oppositelock which is part of the user community of the automotive blog Jalopnik (yes the Gawker Media one). Emphasizing rider safety is an important issue for me and for other blog contributors who feel passionate about riding. I myself have had my own butt saved multiple times due to proper motorcycle protective wear including and most importantly a helmet, a safety device that was also critical in saving Uriah Shelton's life. If there are any people who ride out there that read this blog and Christian's blog, please remember to gear up before you ride.

I've been meaning to comment on this but I forgot to. I just want to send Shelton my well wishes and I hope he has a speedy recovery. A week before this happened, rapper Fetty Wap was involved in a motorcycle accident. He's okay now, but since he is blind in one eye, he lacks depth perception and he didn't even have on a helmet. There's really no excuse for that, or any reason for him needing to be on a motorcycle at all with one eye but it should have never happened. And this was the day after his debut album came out. 

I also hope people knew to take these accidents seriously and not try to make jokes out of it. I've never driven in my life, so you could imagine how I feel when I hear about someone crashing their freaking motorcycle and falling off. It almost rips my soul apart. Stay safe when you ride and keep your head up, Uriah. We hope to see you back on Girl Meets World real soon.

Side note: "Girl Meets the Tell Tale Tot" is interesting enough in my eyes to warrant a review. Eh, sometime. 

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