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The Thundermans Reviewed: "Dopple-Gamers" (#3.07)

The Thundermans "Dopple-Gamers"
Season 3, Episode 7
Plot: Max and Phoebe realize they have been neglecting their younger siblings when Billy and Nora bond with an outgoing pair of teens at a gamers convention. Meanwhile, Hank and Barb realize they can't beat Chloe at bowling.

What is this? Umm...Nick (when he was still here) actually did a pretty good job already filling that stuff in so despite my erstwhile comments about being anal-retentive and OCD...yeah, I'll just let Nick do what he did.

This episode was another entertaining 30 minutes of The Thundermans. The A-plot which was about Billy and Nora wanting to spend time with their siblings was creative and convincing. However, I had a few problems about the B-plot following Hank and Barb attempting to beat Chloe at BOWLING.

I was so happy to see Oyster and Cherry in their episode. They're basically my favorite friends out of Phoebe and Max's squads. But here's a recap of the entire episode basically:

Phoebe and Max want tickets to the local gaming convention. So do Cherry and Oyster. They also promise  their siblings that they are going to the water park together. They eventually bail on Billy and Nora when getting tickets to the convention, but Barb and Hank force them to bring them. They kick Cherry and Oyster in a stupid way by telling them they moved for one day using a note on the front door. Billy and Nora find new sibling-like teens "PhePhee" as "Matt" who are actually deceiving Billy and Nora by rigging the game they want to play together. Max and Phoebe discover their plans after having their siblings blow them off when they needed them to get into the VIP live-action game tester. Their disguised siblings later save the day and help them win. The game they are playing is a paintball-like really cool thing. I can tell this must have been an episode they put lots of hard work into. Meanwhile, Barb and Hank start playing hard against Chloe in bowling to challenge her, but can't beat her. They enlist Dr. Colosso's help to win against their daughter.

I really liked the paintball game. It was really cool and the comedy was the usual (hilarious) when Phoebe and Max decide to disguise in some gaming outfit. The B-plot was not creative. I'm pretty sure I've seen it. Crazy couple get caught up in beating someone especially some kids. Was in Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn. And Good Luck Charlie, too. The episode could've used more of the B-plot. I like the multi camera moments during the paintball game. But honestly the whole PhePhee and Matt things was really stupid. I mean really, dopplegangers? That's the best they could've thought of?

Episode Grade: B
Episode MVP: Diego Velazquez; he was my favorite this episode. Billy actually was portrayed as something more that just a silly younger and more immature version of Logan from I Didn't Do It. Addison also had her moments, but I think the two really outshined Kira and Jack. AND ALSO CHLOE IS HELLA CUTE.

Unknown and Mike, you guys can add one. I don't know what you guys thought about the episode.

Good work getting this put up already, DisneyFan!

I watched the episode live, was a little disappointing. I don't know what I was expecting from this episode, but I enjoyed "Are You Afraid of the Park?" more. I thought the main plot was pretty interesting. As much as the show utilizes the four kids, they rarely ever get any episodes together. That is one of the most important parts of any show, especially one that has a noticeably big cast: Character interaction. On Wizards of Waverly Place, the Russo kids were always doing something together, and their actions sometimes affected each other unknowingly. Whether it was as simple as Justin getting his first kiss which became pretty complicated near the end (and hilarious) or trying to stop an asteroid from hitting Earth, the three of them shared a lot of plots and scenes with each other. I feel like The Thundermans is beginning to utilize Billy and Nora pretty well, because now we get to see them interact with Phoebe and Max more often instead of them doing their own thing with Chloe or Dr. Colosso or whoever. I think they even lampshade how Billy and Nora are always pawned off on someone else instead of getting to hang out with their older siblings.

"We moved." "We're moving back tomorrow." I really love this joke. That was one of the best jokes in the whole episode. I like how Cherry and Oyster aren't completely brain dead like a lot of other stupid characters, they just lack common sense and the ability to think from time to time. I got a kick out of Oyster commenting on Chloe's size and the man-sized holes in the roof. It also makes me wonder why those man-sized holes were never fixed. That rain and snow must be a killer in the Thunderman house. ;)

I liked Billy in this episode also. Usually, he just says a lot of odd, stupid things and goes on his merry way but other times they utilize him really well like in last night's episode or "Are You Afraid of the Park?" or the season premiere. I notice that when Billy actually gets his own story, the writers actually give him something to chew on. His stupidity is less "haha, he's an idiot" funny and more charming and endearing. That's one thing I respect about the show's writers. They know Billy is not strong enough to carry an episode if he's just the same old joke machine, so they actually give him some depth. All in all, not a bad episode, but I guess I was expecting something more. I could take or leave the subplot, honestly. It was one of the least interesting stories the show has done in a while. 

The theme song for The Thundermans is still the best across Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. Tied for first place with Girl Meets World. 100 Things to Do Before High School doesn't have a bad one either, and Austin & Ally's theme song has never disappointed me. Usually, when a show has a good theme song, it's a sign. 

Well if you insist I join along too.... First of all, Dr. Colosso is so under-utilized on this show. He's probably the best secondary or tertiary character on this thing. Dana Snyder is probably one of the great comedic voice actors of our time (as Master Shake he pretty much makes Aqua Teen Hunger Force and I loved him as Gazpacho on Chowder, another grossly underrated cartoon). The interesting thing about both Master Shake and Gazpacho is that both these characters are great at playing off or reacting from other characters, and I don't think Dr. Colosso's any different. 

I...feel more than a little closer with Mike than on Nick on this, though don't get me wrong, it's still a great episode. It's a great - but typical - Thundermans episode. If you have an episode that can be described like this it probably means you're doing something right, but it doesn't do much to bring something unique to the review table. Then again Thundermans isn't trying to win brownie points for review purposes, nor should it (nor should any show and I think falling into the review trap is exactly what brought down True Detective Season 2 - see I watch more than just kiddie shows). Yeah, Diego Velazquez. Eh, maybe a B-? I'm pretty sure the actor who played, uh, Nice Hair Max Doppleganger (Matt I guess?) was Sebastian from the Lab Rats Escape to Bionic Island story arc. Oh, no, wait, I'm thinking of the guy who played the asshole football guy from the Bella and the Bulldogs episode. But man those two guys are kind of similar.

Anyway, I'm a lot more excited about talking about the previous Henry Danger and Game Shakers episodes. Those are actually really good. 

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  1. I haven't seen the actual episode yet, so i can't comment too much but i will agree about your observations on the characters and such. Billy is a lot more tolerable than i thought he would, at least lately and he and Nora can make for some good plots sometimes. And Dr Cloassus is pretty awesome, even if he's basically a combo of Salem the Cat and the Fish from Pair of Kings.


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