Thursday, October 1, 2015

Other Children's Entertainment Blogs (That I know of)

One of the reasons why I started this blog in the first place is because there seems to be a serious dearth of blogs dedicated to children's entertainment. I mentioned back in the Introduction (the very first post so you'll have to scroll waay back) there was a blog called Nick and More that's since been defunct after the author simply had enough of it. I've repeatedly mentioned Girl Meets World Reviewed (here's a link in case you need it) as the inspiration to this blog, and until I started actively promoting my own blog it was the only real site I was aware of that did what it did (and just for a single show). Since then a few people have come out of the woodwork who have their own blogs. For starters there's MikeTheTVBlogger, who will from this point forward be co-authoring this blog as well. From there I learned about PieGuyRulez who apparently has been around for a while (he started doing his thing since The Suite Life on Deck and Debby Ryan's career were brand-new) though he's strictly a video blog. To be honest with you I'm not sure what to think about video blogs - ever since the Angry Video Game Nerd and Channel Awesome completely dominated that genre, the whole TV/Movie video review blog scene tends to be very nearly uniform with equal parts or more sarcasm or vitriol that I've found tends to get in the way of an honest, sincere from-the-hip review style like GMW Reviewed (though GMW Reviewed itself and even if not especially myself tends to be guilty of sometimes going overboard on the sarcasm as an end to itself too). Plus it seems like other than that what little "professional" (i.e. they get paid to write this) blogs or opinion sites out there that even bother to do children's entertainment, even only occasionally, only do so in order to accentuate the negative which accomplished nothing but perpetuate the state of bad kiddie TV in the first place (like how Channel Awesome pretty much just wants to convince you that the entirety of entertainment is garbage sometimes even up to and including themselves - not a valid criticism of them, it's just their shtick, but it doesn't technically make for genuine review and they'll more or less openly acknowledge they mostly exist for entertainment, not review), or just come off as excessively mean-spirited and tends to be a turn-off for me at best (like when Deadspin topped off their review of Jessie - "the worst TV show of all time" - with an animation of Mrs. Kipling eating Debby's face, or when subtly implied that Debby should quit acting and take up being a porn star instead. Yeah....) But yeah I'm digressing again....

As I've mentioned Channel Awesome, I guess I'm obliged to also mention that they do kiddie shows too though for the most part it's limited to their core nostalgia market. Still, their retrospectives like Nostalgia Critic's love letter to Animaniacs or Linkara's extensive and thorough videos on the entire Power Rangers series are near-obligatory viewing. Back to smaller-scale, written blogs, @ratingsnick on Twitter has a blog called Disney and Nick Alive! which more or less takes over the mantel of the old Nick and More blog. @DisneyChanNerd also has...Disney Channel Nerd which is kind of a mix of parody news/press release site with some commentary sprinkled in between. And of course there's also now this blog, but since you have to already be reading this blog in order to be reading this sentence you kind of already knew that. 

...and right after I posted this @SpongeyBeware shared his blog with me which can be found here

Well, that should be it. Take it away, Mike! If you feel there's other stuff to add - or not, if that's pretty much it.


  1. Nice work Unknown! I haven't watched the Critic much lately, mostly due my humor changing. But I agree. We're both way over the target demographic but as a friend and I both put it, "Nobody should feel ashamed of what they watch on tv."

    On a side note, I totally agree with being "Anonymous." This is a throwaway account because I want to set my professional life (two-soon to be three-jobs, my book I'm working on slowly, and anything else) away from this blogging community.

    1. Sure, I'll see if I can enable anonymous posting, I'm still trying to figure things out.

    2. There we go, you may commence with the anonymous posting!


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