Thursday, October 1, 2015

Welcome, this blog's new co-author!

I've been searching for a co-author ever since I first decided to start this blog. Listening to a single guy spout off his mind without any internal filter is fine and all, but in my experience (and after reading Christian and Sean's Girl Meets World Reviewed) a review blog really does elevate if there's two people going back and fourth. Call it the Siskel and Ebert effect, if you will. There's a reason why those two guys are more remembered than any other reviewer in history - without each other they'd be just two Chicago critics yapping about their own ideas and opinions in art and movies/television within a small circle, but put them on a viewing balcony together they created real sparks. Not the kind you'd normally think of, but the more entertaining kind - to this day you'll have people who swear Siskel and Ebert hated each other's guts, but no, being together just brought out the theatrical in each other. Probably more important than that was that they tempered each other's opinions and positive/negatives, aside from the verbal fireworks - when they disagreed on the thumbs up or down, that's when the validity of a reviewed work really came out. There are things that need to be defended, and there are things that deserve to be trashed, and it's going to differ from person to person. It was my favorite part of At the Movies, it's my favorite part of Girl Meets World Reviewed and it'll be interesting to see how it plays out on this blog.

Anyway, please welcome MikeTheTVBlogger and be sure to visit his own blog, He'll be coming soon as I figure out how to add him as a co-author which hopefully will be as soon as he gets back to me. As for MikeTheTVBlogger himself, feel free to add any words here or, you know, whatever. I guess we're going to have to adopt some sort of color scheme too, feel free to choose and I'll just go with whatever contrasts. And if you'd rather not be called MikeTheTVBlogger tell us what you'd rather be called too.

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